Saturday, June 2, 2012

St George'n it up

We went to St. George last weekend, 
It was such a fun little getaway.
We just hung out at our hotel pool the whole weekend.
We did go to the St George temple and do 
a session. 
Billy saw his first mission companion while we
were there.
He loved it.
We went shopping with some gift cards we had left over.
We also went to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.
Then we hung out at the pool basically
all weekend. It was a very 
relaxing weekend.

Happy Birthday hubby :)

 Billy's birthday was a couple of weeks ago, and I've been slacking with posting, so I'm finally put them up. We had a surprise party for him, and we totally got him :) He turned 24 (I know, he's so old) and we had a star wars themed party, with light saber chocolate covered pretzels, cupcakes with ships on them, yoda soda, and a storm trooper cheese ball. We had some friends and some family there. It was fun :) After we ate and had cake, we did a fire and then watched Thor. I think he had a pretty good day ;)