Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Blog!!!

Hey there!
So if you didn't already know,
I'm kind of into photography.
I'm even starting a business.
It's called Pierce Your Heart Photography.
(My name is Jessica Pierce, do you get it? Do you get my joke?)
So I just finished designing and putting up
my new photography blog!
I'll still (try to) post normal posts on here,
but everything photography will be on this new blog.
I'm super stoked about it.

If you would like to view it,
Let me know what you think!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Heart is Set on You

So on Saturday the High School had 
their Sadie's dance. 
I took Justine's groups pictures.
The theme was decades.
Her group were greasers.
They were cute. 
So we took their pictures at 
the Sinclair over in PG 
by the hospital.
It's pretty much my new favorite place.
Here's a couple pictures from their group.
 I was taking a couple test shots while we were waiting for them 

My awesome in-laws let us use their motorcycle for all the couples to sit on

Isn't Justine such a hottie??

These are all the girls
the group
and the guys. 
They looked pretty darn good.

Oh. P.S.
The guy who owns this Sinclair was such an awesome guy.
He was way down to earth
and just a really nice guy.
it was great.