Wednesday, January 4, 2012

This whole world is ours...

So I guess I
could post, since I haven't in
a while... I promise I'll finish
 the 30 day photo
challenge, I just need my husband here to be my
 prop... ;)

So I was going through my old posts because
number 1: I needed to see what I've
posted about, and what I haven't
Part B: I wanted to take a walk down mini
memory lane.
It was entertaining.

So I'll just go through the month of December,
since it's now January...

P.S. It might be a long post...
December was a long and packed month...

So we went to the Festival of Trees.
There were tons of trees, gingerbread houses, wreaths,
lights, and tears. It was Billy's first time.
It's one of my favorite things during December. 


My other favorite thing is The
Forgotten Carols.
I didn't get any pictures though.
But if you haven't seen it, borrow the DVD.
It's one of the best Christmas shows I've seen.

We went to our family friend's, the Kimber's, house a lot.
One time we made cookies and chocolates.
It's always fun when we go hang out with them.


For mine and Billy's parents, we gave them
canvases of pictures of every kid.
It turned out very well.
I enjoyed it, I got to do like 7 photoshoots.
These are some of the by-products of the photoshoots....


Jake (my awesome cousin) proposed to his girlfriend on the 14th.
It was so dang cute. He invited me and Billy up
so I could take pictures.
Emily (his fiancee) cried.
It was darling. I'd tell the story, but I can't do it




Then it was Jenna's birthday.
She turned 19.
Fo real???
Ya. She's growing up :'(
It doesn't seem real, I remember when we had to share
a birthday party when we were little.
After she had hers...
She's one of my best friends.
We're pretty good at fighting and making up right away.
Especially when we have something to tell the other one... ;)

(This picture wasn't from her birthday, but I thought it'd be fun to put up)

Then we made gingerbread houses with my family.
Guess who won....
I'll give you a hint.
(Not Billy)




Then it was my birthday.
I'm finally 21.
Which means I get a new driver's license that
is turned the normal way.
But I got married, so I missed it.
Oh well.
Jenna went to a party that night.
She dressed up as a flapper.
How hot is she?


p.s. I have THE best husband.
He got me a zoom lense for my birthday :)

We got a real Christmas tree.
It was fun to decorate and have our own
set up.
We did green and gold decorations.
Maybe it'll give us good luck in the money sense...





So on Christmas Eve, Debbie asked us to make
a cheesecake for Christmas dinner.
We used our kitchen aid for the first time.
And then we went to a movie with Billy's family.
We saw New Year's Eve.
It was way good.
Then we went and had dinner and watched
It's A Wonderful Life with my family.
We got matching pajamas.
Then we slept over and did Christmas morning with
It was fun, but tiring.
They like to wake up at 6....
Then we had breakfast casserole.
Then we went to our ward.
Then came home and opened some presents with Billy's family.
Then we went to my parents ward.
Then we opened our own presents.
Then we opened more presents with Billy's family.
Then we talked with Brian on skype.
Then we had dinner with Billy's family.
Then we played games.
And then I think we went to bed.
All in all, it was a great Christmas :)
And a great December.

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