Monday, July 16, 2012

Come on pretty mama...

So now that it was 2 weeks ago... 
I'm finally blogging about 
the 4th of July.
It was a fun day.
It's definitely one of my favorite holidays. 
We always wear matching shirts,
but this year, all the girls
made shorts. 
Kind of.
We dyed, or bleached, or sewed, or spray painted
(And don't fret, that last picture, I promise I'm not going for Jenna's boob...)
So we got to go to the Stadium of Fire.
That was way fun.
We got to hear Scotty McCreerey from American Idol,
and the Beach Boys!
They were awesome.
It was one of my favorite concerts I've been to.
And then of course, 
the Firework show.
Fireworks are my absolute favorite.
Especially taking pictures of them.

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