Monday, April 16, 2012

Bookin the worm

So I work at Alpine Credit Union.
The office I'm in is the newest, therefore the slowest.
So when I'm not chatting with my co-workers,
I'm reading.
I've actually read a lot of books in the last little while.
I read practically every single book of Mary Higgins Clark.
And recently my husband and I started reading the Percy Jackson series.
Then we went to the next series by the same author,
called Heroes of Olympus,
but there's only 2 books out so far.
So when I finished those,
I went to the next series by the same author.
Its called The Kane Chronicles.
But again, there's only 2 books out.
So when I finished those, I started a new series.
We had heard that the Fablehaven series were good, but 
we couldn't find the first book, so 
we just grabbed another series by the author that 
wrote Fablehaven.
There's only 2 books out again.
I read the first one, and now I'm on the 2nd.
When I'm done with that one, 
we'll probably get the 
Fablehaven series.

So these books are technically in the 
children's section at Barnes and Noble.
But its fine. 
They're pretty entertaining.
If you've seen the Percy Jackson movie, 
then you probably know what that series is about.
It's good. 
The next series goes along with Percy, but
its a continuation with new people and everything. 
We like them.
The Kane series is actually about Egyptian gods and goddesses.
We like them too, we like to read 
about the different cultures, even though they're in based in
modern times.
The next series is about this other world that a kid
travels to on accident, and decides
to try and save it.
I guess we're entertained easily.

Oh and I forgot, I re-read the Hunger Games series
so I could remember it before I saw the movie. 
I love those books.
Probably the only books I've read twice.

But anyway,
I just wanted to have it written down how
many books I've read in the last 
little while.
Gotta love your job, right?

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