Thursday, April 12, 2012

Standin' on your mama's porch....

On Monday we all went and hung out
with 4 other families and went to the Discovery Park.
It was super fun.
We just hung around, ran around,
they talked about the cruise that they're all going on.
It was good.
The kids that were there are just so dang cute, 
I couldn't stop taking pictures of them.
to check out the pictures.
The lighting was so yummy, I died.
Its fun to just get together and hang out just for the fun of it.
After we went to the park, us and 
another family came to my parents house and we did 
a little fire with s'mores.
It was fun :) 
Don't ever get my husband and my father
together with fire.
Bad idea....
My poor children...

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