Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Stuck in a rut...

Do you ever get in a rut?
I'm in one. 
I used to cook dinner every night.
And I kept up with laundry
and dishes
fairly well.
But lately, I've been in a rut.
I've just been lazy.
Luckily my husband is amazing
and tries to convince me that I'm still doing good.
Let's face it.
I just need to get off my lazy butt.
(I'm sure blogging about it is really helping ;) ) 
But I figured I should post something
since I haven't posted in a while. 
And that's pretty much all that's been going on.
Oh, I'm going to put another plug in for my 
photography blog ;)
Check it out
its pierceyourheartphotography.blogspot.com
That's what I've been doing the last 
little while.
Working on my blog/business.
So if you ever have photography needs,
hit me up ;)
Watch for future posts.
I'll be doing a newborn session soon.
I'm super stoked.
Sorry I kind of rambled. 
I'm watching Friends.
And making chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.
Oh ya, I still make treats.
But nothing healthy... 
hopefully I remember to blog more often.


  1. Because of our computer at home I can only comment at school during comp. tech. Sh. Don't tell mom. I would just text you but I have no service. And I wanted to comment. Who does the newborn belong to?

    1. Not me if that's what you're asking. Haha. It's Shelley's baby. She's due in May.